Can You Exclusively Breastfeed From Only One Breast?

May 14, 2020


The answer is B:


Women can indeed breastfeed from only one breast and practice ‘one-sided


One-sided breastfeeding is not uncommon. There are many reasons why a woman
might opt to only breasted from one breast. It could be that an inverted or retracted
nipple on one breast makes latching more challenging. Reoccurring mastitis, or plugged
ducts, on one side may result in a mom deciding to wean off the affected breast.
Mastectomies and other breast surgeries, insufficient glandular tissue, or low output can
also be reasons why women may decide to breastfeed exclusively from one side. Some
mothers intend to breastfeed from both breasts, but the same issues can also gradually
lessen the output and they find themselves breastfeeding more and more on only one
side. Other mothers find it easier to latch on one side and begin to favor the one side,
resulting in low output on the less stimulated side. This makes it increasingly
challenging to feed on the non-preferred breast.

Regardless of the situation, for most women it is possible to breastfeed on only one side
and still have a full milk supply. There have even been women who have exclusively
breastfeed twins from only one breast!

Things to remember when practicing one-sided breastfeeding:


Change Positions


To promote symmetry babies should feed on both sides of their body. Usually this
happens naturally when mothers change breasts at each feed. One-sided breastfeeding
should be done using different positions, so the baby has moments lying on both the
right and left side of their body.

Drain Often

A full milk supply on only one breast means that breast will refill quicker and needs to
drain often. Too much milk sitting in the breast too long can lead to plugs and mastitis.
Get the milk out often enough to prevent engorgement and discomfort.

Good Latch


Making sure the baby has a good latch is very important. A good latch is the best way to
ensure efficient feeding and draining the breast well. A poor latch can cause nipple pain
and damage. When mothers have one painful nipple, they will usually breastfeed more
on the opposite breast to give the damaged nipple time to heal. With one-sided
breastfeeding this is not an option making a good latch even more important right from the start.


Following these three step will help one-sided breastfeeding happen smoothy!


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