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Sign that you need to call a Lactation Consultant #3

April 23, 2017




3. Breast and nipple pain


The horror stories of breastfeeding through sore and cracked nipples stick in the minds of new mothers. Many moms grit their teeth and clench their jaws as they breastfeed their newborn. They suffer while impatiently waiting for their nipples to “toughen up”. They fantasize about waking up that one magical morning when the latch is no longer painful and they can breastfeed in bliss.


It’s true, many women do experience some initial soreness as their bodies get acclimated to breastfeeding, but this is very different from the pain of a poor latch. A poor latch effects how much milk the baby is able to transfer when breastfeeding, an ill-fitting latch can cause nipple damage, which leaves mothers vulnerable to infection and other issues. Furthermore, the pain from a poor latch will not go away on its own.


Working with a Lactation Consultant will help insure that your latch is optimal to avoid compromising your baby’s weight gain or your milk supply.

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