Sign that you need to call a Lactation Consultant #2

April 15, 2017




2. You are pumping with a newborn


In the United States most women work outside of the home. This includes mothers. I have met countless mothers who plan on breastfeeding while at home and pumping when at work so the baby can continue to be breastmilk fed while they are away. This is great! But many mothers find themselves pumping within days or hours after the baby is born for many reasons, among the many reasons are to boost milk supply, baby is not getting enough when breastfeeding, or the latch is too painful. The mothers rationalize, “Well, I’m going to be pumping in a few weeks when I return to work anyway, so I may as well begin now and get my milk stash started!”


Problematically, many mothers do not realize is that one’s milk supply is better established with a baby opposed to a breastpump. Even if you are planning on pumping in the future, it is best not to pump for the first month or so. There are some exceptions, such as a recognized medical reason to or, you have to be separated from the baby sooner than a month. Mothers who stick to breastfeeding in the beginning are more likely to be able to maintain a good milk supply over the long run. Contrast that with mothers who begin pumping and supplementing right away. So if you find yourself needing to pump within days of your baby’s birth, this is a sure sign you also need to contact a Lactation Consultant. A Lactation Consultant will help determine if you need to pump, or if you are better off without it for the time being. 

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