Selfish Reason to Breastfeed #1

March 1, 2017




More Sleep


New parent sleep is like finding water in the desert. If you are an expert, you might locate enough just to survive. Most assume frequent feeding would make this difficult task impossible. In reality, breastfeeding mothers sleep. Got your attention now, eh?


Any new parent will attest that sleep is a precious commodity and a source of great pleasure. Sleep deprivation increases the chances of post-partum depression (not to mention insanity.) Anything that increases a new mother’s ability to sleep is as valuable as a gold pool filled with hundred dollar bills. People always assume that breastfeeding is a laborious task, and breastfeeding mothers sacrifice sleep when compared to their formula feeding counter parts. But science says different! A study with a sample of 6,410 mothers with babies between the ages of 0-24 months found that breastfeeding mothers not only slept more, but it also improved their physical health, increased energy levels, and were less likely to experience post-partum depression. Another study showed that breastfeeding mothers on average get forty-five minutes more sleep each night for the first three months postpartum. I have seen moms on the verge of an ugly cry when someone volunteers to give her a chance at a short nap. It just doesn’t get any better than that!


I used to be embarrassed to admit that I personally did not suffer from sleep deprivation with any of my daughters because I knew that it was such an outlier. But as I began working with hundreds of new parents I learned, although it may be the exception to the rule, other mothers are also able to manage enough sleep that they don’t feel deprived. All of these women were breast feeders. Feeding the baby AND sleeping? At the SAME time? Yes, please!




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