February 4, 2020

I work with a lot of newly expanded families. When a baby arrives, the entire dynamic shifts. Husbands and wives must navigate the changing relationships and mother/father dynamic. ‘Parents” become “grandparents” and everyone is trying to get their footing while figuri...

March 23, 2018

As newborns my girls all ate more than 12 times :-)

 How frequently did your newborn eat? Comment below.

March 16, 2018

Every woman should be able to feed her baby wherever they may be. 

December 6, 2017

The holiday season is personally my favorite time of year. However, breastfeeding during the holidays proves to be tricky for so many mothers. Here are a few tips to make your holiday breastfeeding experience stress free.

Prioritize you and your baby. Breastfeed wheneve...

October 5, 2017

So, when does a woman’s body begin producing milk for her baby? Before giving the answer, I think it is important to clarify that colostrum is indeed a type of milk. I think this can be confusing because the composition and appearance is different that mature milk. Col...

August 26, 2017

There are so many things to think about when it comes to hurricane preparedness. But as mothers, the first thing we think about is the safety and needs of our most vulnerable children. The good news is breastfeeding makes life must less stressful because you are not de...

August 2, 2017

In the midst of all of my breastfeeding research and literature I keep running into articles and information about the breastfeeding practices of this country, and I thought this would be a fun and interesting trivia question. So which is it? Wrestling is the national...

July 14, 2017

Every woman should be able to feed her baby wherever they may be. 

July 14, 2017

Currently 49 states, Washington D.C., and the Virgin Islands all have laws to protect breastfeeding mothers both in public and private. Additionally, South Dakota has a law that exempts breastfeeding mothers from nudity and public indecency laws. This leaves one lone s...

July 7, 2017

Every woman should be able to feed her baby wherever they may be. 

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